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this year, but it seems as though it's even conceivable that he could wait out 2013 or no? >> no, i don't think so. i would say he hasn't fallen yet, but we're now into the end game where it's clear he's going to fall and just a question of how long, not just we're predicting, we want him out, but he really is on his way out. i don't think there is any way he will survive 2013, but i'm not convinced there will be a government to replace him by the end of 2013. >> why has he stayed there as long? i was more skeptical that he would fall quickly and the reason was simple. the syrians have a great army, a very strong army, and they have been incredibly brutal in their willingness to use it against the rebels. >> that's part of it. it's a real state. this is not like -- this is a real state but look what happened to the sunnis in iraq. they took their cue from that. they know it's not going to be pretty, the aftermath, plus they had external support. the russians and the chinese diplomatically and the iranians militarily. with military and economic support, oil support. you add all this up a
have both said he's a friend to israel. so, i don't know who it is who is exactly saying he's not a friend to israel. those people seem to have a lot of credibility on the subject. >> you think his views on israel and the middle east are ones, you think the united states should be following more closely. >> i think the important thing about having, is in a way, he would be the obama administration's mayor dugan. he is the guy in israel from the national security establishment who pushed back when benjamin netanyahu he felt was talking too cavalierly about the prospect of war against iran. hagel has not ruled out military force against iran. he ruled it in in an op-ed last fall. he said, again and again, very eisenhower ways. as you've made the point, eisenhower was always saying, let's not pretend we can control war once it's unleashed. that's the point that hagel made again and again. i want that perspective in the iran debate. i think that's part of what makes it important. >> what i find striking about this debate and this, i think, hopefully brings us to the larger debat
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)